Cushions with a name!

Our cushions are made from cuddly fleece with a large pocket made from fabric to reflect your child’s interests – perfect for a favourite book or toy.  A wide range of colours are available and your child’s name will be carefully sewn on to form a colourful feature.  ~Also available for fun loving adults!

Patchwork Cushions

The idea for these cushions came about when my son's school changed their uniform and ended up with loads of old school jumpers which were no longer suitable to be passed on.  Believing that we could do better than dumping them all in landfill, I decided to add some colourful fleece and turn them into bright and comfortable cushions.  The children have loved having their jumpers made into large cuddly cushions.  They also make a great addition to reading corners, school libraries etc. If desired, we can use your child's old school jumpers or even their baby clothes to make our patchwork cushions. All our cushions have removable covers for washing.

"Memory" Cushions

These comforting cushions are particularly aimed at older people who may be experiencing memory loss.  They are individually designed to include elements related to each person's life and interests with a range of textures, buttons, ribbons and materials to stimulate the senses.

Prices from £45.00